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squamous cell carcinoma of penis

Disease Summary
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Mondo Description A squamous cell carcinoma arising from the penis. It occurs chiefly in the squamous epithelium of the glans, coronal sulcus, and foreskin. Etiologic factors include phimosis, lichen sclerosus, smoking, ultraviolet irradiation, history of warts or condylomas, and lack of circumcision. Human papilloma virus is present in a subset of penile squamous cell carcinomas. Patients may present with an exophytic or flat ulcerative mass in the glans or a large primary tumor with inguinal nodal and skin metastases. Morphologic variants include the basaloid carcinoma, warty (condylomatous) carcinoma, verrucous carcinoma, and sarcomatoid (spindle cell) carcinoma. (WHO, 2004)
Mondo Term and Equivalent IDs
MONDO:0018352:  squamous cell carcinoma of penis