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propylthiouracil embryofetopathy

Disease Summary
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Mondo Description Propylthiouracil embryofetopathy is a rare teratologic disease characterized by variable congenital anomalies resulting from maternal treatment and prenatal exposure to propylthiouracil. Anomalies frequently encountered include ear malformations (e.g. accessory auricle, preauricular sinus/fistula/cyst), urinary system malformations (e.g. isolated unilateral kidney, congenital hydronephrosis), gastrointestinal anomalies (e.g. congenital bands with intestinal malrotation) and cardiac defects (e.g. situs inversus dextrocardia, cardiac outflow tract defects).
Mondo Term and Equivalent IDs
MONDO:0044619:  propylthiouracil embryofetopathy