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linear nevus sebaceus syndrome

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Mondo Description Linear nevus sebaceous syndrome (LNSS) is characterized by the association of a large sebaceous nevus, usually appearing on the face or on the scalp, with a broad spectrum of abnormalities that may affect every organ system, including the central nervous system (brain neoplasms, hemimegalencephaly and lateral ventricle enlargement).
Uniprot Description A disease characterized by sebaceous nevi, often on the face, associated with variable ipsilateral abnormalities of the central nervous system, ocular anomalies, and skeletal defects. Many oral manifestations have been reported, not only including hypoplastic and malformed teeth, and mucosal papillomatosis, but also ankyloglossia, hemihyperplastic tongue, intraoral nevus, giant cell granuloma, ameloblastoma, bone cysts, follicular cysts, oligodontia, and odontodysplasia. Sebaceous nevi follow the lines of Blaschko and these can continue as linear intraoral lesions, as in mucosal papillomatosis.
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MONDO:0008097:  linear nevus sebaceus syndrome
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