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glass-chapman-hockley syndrome

Disease Summary
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Mondo Description The Glass-Chapman-Hockley syndrome is a very rare disease. To date, the syndrome has only been reported in one family with five members affected in three generations. The first patients were two brothers that had an abnormally-shaped head due to coronal craniosynostosis. Their mother, maternal aunt, and maternal grandmother were also found to have the syndrome. The signs and symptoms varied from person to person; however, the signs and symptoms included coronal craniosynostosis, small middle part of the face (midfacial hypoplasia), and short fingers (brachydactyly).The inheritance is thought to be autosomal dominant. No genes have been identified for this syndrome. Treatment included surgery to correct the craniosynostosis. No issues with development and normal intelligence were reported.
Mondo Term and Equivalent IDs
MONDO:0023243:  glass-chapman-hockley syndrome