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central sleep apnea syndrome

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Mondo Description A broad classification of disorders which includes 6 subtypes (primary central sleep apnea, central sleep apnea due to Cheyne-Stokes breathing pattern, central sleep apnea due to medical condition not Cheyne-Stokes, central sleep apnea due to high-altitude periodic breathing, central sleep apnea due to drug or substance and primary sleep apnea of infancy) that are each characterized by interruptions in breathing while asleep. It is caused by improper signaling from the brainstem to respiratory muscles and is triggered by either hypoventilation or hyperventilation. In adults, this disorder may arise following a stroke, congestive heart failure, trauma, infection or the use of narcotic medications. It is more common in older males and may present as a co-morbid condition to obesity. Clinical signs include snoring, insomnia or hypersomnia, difficulty concentrating and fatigue. Recurrent episodes of hypoxia/hypoxemia have long-term detrimental effects on cardiovascular health.
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MONDO:0004731:  central sleep apnea syndrome
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