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autosomal recessive Alport syndrome

Disease Summary
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Mondo Description Autosomal recessive Alport syndrome isa genetic condition characterized by kidney disease, hearing loss, and eye abnormalities. Most affected individuals experience progressive loss of kidney function, usually resulting in end-stage kidney disease. People with Alport syndrome frequently develop sensorineural hearing loss in late childhood or early adolescence. The eye abnormalities seen in this condition seldom lead to vision loss. Alport syndrome can have different patterns of inheritance. About15 percentof Alport syndrome cases are inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern and are caused bymutations in both copies of the COL4A3 or COL4A4 genes. Treatment is based on the symptoms present and may include medications to delay the progression of kidney disease. In most cases, a kidney transplant is eventually needed.
Uniprot Description A syndrome characterized by progressive glomerulonephritis, glomerular basement membrane defects, renal failure, sensorineural deafness and specific eye abnormalities (lenticonous and macular flecks). The disorder shows considerable heterogeneity in that families differ in the age of end-stage renal disease and the occurrence of deafness.
Mondo Term and Equivalent IDs
MONDO:0008762:  autosomal recessive Alport syndrome