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Moyamoya disease with early-onset achalasia

Disease Summary
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Mondo Description Moyamoya disease with early-onset achalasia is an exceedingly rare autosomal recessive neurological disorder reported only in a few families so far. It is characterized by the association of early onset achalasia (manifesting in infancy) with severe intracranial angiopathy that is consistent with moyamoya angiopathy in most cases (moyamoya disease). Other variable associated manifestations include hypertension, Raynaud phenomenon, and livedo reticularis.
Uniprot Description A form of Moyamoya disease, a progressive cerebral angiopathy characterized by bilateral intracranial carotid artery stenosis and telangiectatic vessels in the region of the basal ganglia. The abnormal vessels resemble a 'puff of smoke' (moyamoya) on cerebral angiogram. Affected individuals can develop transient ischemic attacks and/or cerebral infarction, and rupture of the collateral vessels can cause intracranial hemorrhage. Hemiplegia of sudden onset and epileptic seizures constitute the prevailing presentation in childhood, while subarachnoid bleeding occurs more frequently in adults. MYMY6 is characterized by severe cerebral angiopathy and onset of severe achalasia in infancy or early childhood.
Mondo Term and Equivalent IDs
MONDO:0014331:  Moyamoya disease with early-onset achalasia