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MIT family translocation renal cell carcinoma

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Mondo Description MiT family translocation renal cell carcinoma (t-RCC) is a rare subtype of renal cell carcinoma with recurrent genetic abnormalities, harboring rearrangements of the TFE3 (Xp11 t-RCC) or TFEB [t(6;11) t-RCC] genes. The t(6;11) t-RCC has distinctive histologic features of biphasic appearance with larger epitheloid and smaller eosinophilic cells. The symptoms are usually non-specific and include hematuria, flank pain, palpable abdominal mass and/or systemic symptoms of anemia, fatigue and fever.
Mondo Term and Equivalent IDs
MONDO:0017886:  MIT family translocation renal cell carcinoma
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