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MEHMO syndrome

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Mondo Description MEHMO syndrome is characterised by severe intellectual deficit, epilepsy, microcephaly, hypogenitalism, and obesity. Growth delay and diabetes are also present. To date, it has been described in seven boys, all of whom died within the first two years of life. The causative gene has been localised to the 21.1-22.13p region of the X chromosome and the syndrome appears to result from mitochondrial dysfunction.
Uniprot Description An X-linked recessive mental retardation syndrome characterized by intellectual disability, epileptic seizures, hypogonadism and hypogenitalism, microcephaly, and obesity.
Disease Ontology Description A syndromic X-linked intellectual disability characterized by severe intellectual deficit, epilepsy, microcephaly, hypogenitalism and obesity with variable occurrence of growth delay and diabetes that has_material_basis_in variation in the chromosome region Xp22.13-p21.1.
Mondo Term and Equivalent IDs
MONDO:0010258:  MEHMO syndrome
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