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Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, spondylocheirodysplastic type

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Mondo Description Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, spondylocheirodysplastic type is a subtype of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome characterized by skeletal dysplasia comprising platyspondyly with moderate short stature, osteopenia and widened metaphyses, in addition to hyperextensible, thin, easily bruised skin, hypermobility of small joints with tendency to contractures, prominent eyes with bluish sclerae, wrinkled palms, atrophy of the thenar muscle and tapering fingers.
Uniprot Description A form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a group of connective tissue disorders characterized by skin hyperextensibility, articular hypermobility, and tissue fragility. EDSSPD3 is an autosomal recessive form characterized by a generalized skeletal dysplasia involving mainly the spine and striking clinical abnormalities of the hands, in addition to classic features of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Clinical features include postnatal growth retardation, moderate short stature, protuberant eyes with bluish sclerae, hands with finely wrinkled palms, atrophy of the thenar muscles, and tapering fingers. Radiologic features include mild to moderate platyspondyly, mild to moderate osteopenia of the spine, small ileum, flat proximal femoral epiphyses, short, wide femoral necks, and broad metaphyses (elbows, knees, wrists, and interphalangeal joints).
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MONDO:0012873:  Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, spondylocheirodysplastic type
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