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3MC syndrome

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Mondo Description 3MC syndrome describes a rare developmental disorder, that unifies the overlapping autosomal recessive disorders previously known as Carnevale, Mingarelli, Malpuech and Michels syndromes, characterized by a spectrum of developmental anomalies that include distinctive facial dysmorphism (i.e. hypertelorism, blepharophimosis, blepharoptosis, highly arched eyebrows), cleft lip and/or palate, craniosynostosis, learning disability, radioulnar synostosis and genital and vesicorenal anomalies. Less common features reported include anterior chamber defects, cardiac anomalies (e.g. ventricular septal defect), caudal appendage, umbilical hernia/omphalocele and diastasis recti.
Disease Ontology Description A syndrome characterized by blepharophimosis, blepharoptosis, highly arched eyebrows hypertelorism, cleft lip and palate, postnatal growth deficiency, cognitive impairment, hearing loss and, in a smaller percentage of cases, craniosynostosis, radioulnar synostosis and genital and vesicorenal anomalies. It encompasses four disorders that were previously designated the Malpuech, Michels, Mingarelli and Carnevale syndromes.
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MONDO:0017398:  3MC syndrome
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